Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mother Teresa said that “we shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” I completely agree with that statement. Just simply smiling makes me feel good. I also can’t help but feel a little happier whenever I see someone else smiling.
However, once place I do not believe smiley faces belong is in professional documents or emails. While some professional people apparently believe that a smiley face emoticon can help ‘make your email more personable’ or ‘bring some fun into a paper,” this is just not true. While the following emoticons are quite fun, I will keep them:
1.       To myself, and
2.       In personal communications and not professional ones.  


Smiley with a nose
Basic smiley
Winking smiley
Unhappy smiley
Apathetic smiley
Neutral smiley. The user made an ambiguous comment.
Laughing smiley
Kissing smiley
Smiley keeping quiet
Talkative smiley (or smiley sticking its tongue out)
Clown smiley
Very funny smiley
Sad smiley
Surprised smiley
Very surprised smiley
Angel smiley
Devil smiley
Impish smiley
Sarcastic smiley
Smiley on vacation/holiday (or with glasses)
Unsure smiley
Innocent smiley
Abraham Lincoln smiley
Smiley for, oh, let's say Merlin the Magician
Spaghetti-eating smiley

My personal favorites are the Abe Lincoln smiley and the spaghetti eating smiley.

What are your thoughts on smiley faces in professional papers or emails? Know any other interested smiley faces?
Comment below!

Catch ya later!

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