Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weight Lifting Update

So I did my usual and forgot that I was updating this with weight lifting information. Aw well.

I'm doing well. I had a brief time (during my birthday month) where I stopped eating well and working out, but I'm back on track now. Cheers!

BMI: 20.8
Body Fat: 21%

Happy days. My goals are:

BMI: 19.4
Body Fat: 20%

So I don't have that far to go!

I'm loving the new book, really helps me plan some fun workouts. I don't get bored doing them. B (boyfriend) decided to work out as well and has been challenging me to lift with heavier weights. I was totally underestimating myself as far as pounds-I-can-lift goes. Today I did one awesome work out with a barbell (45 lbs) lifted over my shoulders stepping one leg onto a fairly high bench, balancing, then stepping down. I felt like a badass!

If you are new to weight lifting, definitely tone it down a bit on the weights. I started with no weights, moved up to 3 lbs and still have to do light weight on some exercises. You don't want to hurt yourself or overextend something.

Speaking of injuries, just the other day I was doing box jumps. It was my first day at the gym with new shoes. I didn't consider that I may need to jump slightly differently with my new shoes (which are fatter and longer then my previous shoes). I caught the edge of the shoes when I jumped and nearly fell. I did catch myself, but I sure hurt my ankle! It's better now, but injuries happen to beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters. So, choose your exercises carefully, make sure you reference the exercise with a trainer or a how to video/book and make sure you are completing the exercise in good form.