Friday, July 1, 2011

Blogging about blogs

Recently I researched three education related blogs to assist me in developing my new blog. The three blogs I researched were:


The first blog I reviewed was IDEAS: Instructional Design for Elearning ApproacheS, by Ferdinand Krauss, an instructional Designer at the University of Toronto. The author does a good job of blogging his opinions on Instructional Design issues, ideas and techniques. I admire that he shares many of the presentations he gives at various conferences and meetings. This is useful to instructional designers to learn new information about the field and see examples of the structure and design of professional presentations. Ferdinand also provides resources and points out engaging articles. I will use this site to learn  more about industrial issues and learn from his presentations.


The Rapid E-Learning Blog is hosted by Tom Kuhlmann with the Articulate Company. This was one of the first instructional design blogs I started reading when I started in this industry. Tom’s posts are insightful tips, tricks and resources for individuals designing e-learning. Lately, he has expanded to information on mobile learning. I appreciate the fact that he does not always push Articulate programs. Instead, he offers his opinion on programs that fit the needs of a situation (including programs from Articulate, Microsoft, Adobe, etc.). My favorite blog posts are the free templates (usually PowerPoint) that Tom provides. I use this blog daily as a resource when I am developing online training content. The author provides fantastic tips to newcomers to the field of Instructional Design. The blog also contains information that will continue to help me develop my understanding of e-learning. He is very up to date on innovative technologies and new resources in the industry.


The final blog that I reviewed is the ASTD blog written for workplace instructional designers and trainers. These blogs are written by various ASTD employees and (according to the authors) are representative of their own opinions and research (not the company’s stance on the information). I chose this blog because of my current membership in ASTD and because of the professional caliber of those involved with the group. ASTD’s blog features articles on workplace training related news, free webinars or panel discussions that may be of interest to workplace instructional designers, ways that organizations are measuring training, current industry statistics and more. There were less “how to” articles than in the other blogs, and more posts about training related news. However, I still believe this will help me connect to the industry and learn about current topics and trends in Instructional Design.

I enjoyed researching these blogs due to the well-written material and abundance of information available. I am excited to become an educational blogger and hope that my posts will be an informative and interesting to read as these three I have found.


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